Clean With Steam Instead of Chemicals

Cleaning solutions often contain synthetic fragrances.   They can also contain dyes.  Instead of using chemicals (Lysol…) to clean your hard surfaces (inside of microwave, counters, sink…) …. use a hand-held steam cleaner.  I just got one and I love it!  Makes quick work of all sorts of grime.

It is also very effective for killing weeds and can take care of even stuff with tap-roots (dandelions).   As a bonus, it also kills any seeds or spores in the area.  I have also tried using it on some mint (very, very invasive!!), but since that is more woody, I think it may require repeated treatment (if it works at all).


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Homemade Banana Bread Recipe

Commercial baked goods (and mixes) often contain unwanted ingredients (especially artificial flavorings and BHA/BHT/TBHQ).  Instead of commercial baked goods (or mixes)…..Use those overripe bananas for banana bread.  If you don’t have time to make any right away, just throw them in the freezer with the peels on.  Also if you don’t have enough bananas (usually 3/loaf) substitute 3 applesauce cups (about 1.5 C applesauce) for one large banana.  (note that applesauce is a “stage 2” item while bananas are “stage 1”)

3/4 C sugar (any brand)

1/2 C shortening (Crisco and many others contain BHT, so check the Feingold food list) (you can also use coconut oil, but it changes the flavor)

2 whole eggs

3 large ripe bananas (well mashed)

1 tsp baking soda (any brand)

2 C regular flour (any brand – I use unbleached)

1/2 tsp salt (any brand)

1/4-3/4 c nuts  (can be sprayed with BHA/BHT/TBHQ so check the Feingold food list or shell your own)

Preheat oven to350F.  Cream sugar and shortening.  Add eggs, one at a time.  Beat well.  Sift flour, salt, soda together.  Add flour mixture alternately with bananas to the sugar mixture.  Add nuts.  Pour into greased, floured loaf pan.  Bake 45-50 minutes or until toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean.  Yield:  1 loaf.

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Granola Bars

Granola bars are not necessarily a natural option. Mainstream brands can contain artificial flavorings or dyes. Consult your Feingold Food List, but at a minimum read the ingredients. Especially suspect are anything containing chocolate or fruit.

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Cough Syrups Contain Dye

Cough and cold medications often contain dyes. Dye free versions are available, but you have to look hard as there are not very many.   Also look for dye free allergy medications and cough drops.

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Kill Weeds Without Chemicals

Instead of using toxic herbicides to kill weeds on your walkway or patio … try pouring boiling water on them (carefully!).  By the next day, they will dry up and crumble away.

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Frozen Waffles

Frozen waffles can contain yellow dye.   Instead of commercial frozen waffles try…make a big batch at home and freeze the extras in plastic sandwich bags…just as convenient on a rushed morning as brand XXX, but healthier, not to mention cheaper.

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The Feingold Diet and Junk Food

Right up there among the most frequent reasons for not trying Feingold:  I don’t want to {can’t convince my spouse/kids to} give up junk food (sugar, processed foods…).

This is one of those mythologies about Feingold which does not seem to go away no matter how many times you tell people.   Like it somehow too good to be true and is robbing them of their excuse not to try Feingold…

Junk food is not the problem:

While I do not advocate a nutritionally barren diet consisting of all “junk foods” it is not the problem.  Junk food in the form of sugary cereals, chips, processed meats, commercial white breads, candy, fried foods and so forth is not actually making your child (or you) out of control.  It is the additives found in most mainstream versions of these products that are the problem.

Don’t believe me?  check any mainstream candy or prepared dessert.  I guarantee that it contains at least one of the following:  food coloring (any color followed by a number as in yellow 5, blue lake 3, etc), artificial flavoring (including vanillin – imitation vanilla), or BHA, BHT and/or TBHQ.  Then try this at home.  No junk, commercial bread or low-fat dairy and only foods which “read clean” for a couple of days followed by a candy binge with something which “reads clean” (try your local health food store or use Life-Savers Pep-O-Mints (no other flavors!) or Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews or any “organic” candy).  The next day use the same amount of mainstream candy (anything with food coloring will do).  Note any behavioral differences.

The Feingold Program does not eliminate “junk foods”

There are no virtuous or forbidden foods on the Feingold diet.  The Feingold Diet (Program) does not pass any judgments about “good” and “bad” food types or categories and does not endorse any specific nutritional positions (low-fat, low cholesterol, vegetarian, sugar free, non-processed….).   Unlike other eating plans there are no virtuous foods or forbidden foods.  There is only real, petroleum free food.  Recall that food coloring (all types) is a petroleum product as are BHA, BHT and TBHQ.  Artificial flavorings could be anything.

On “stage 1”  certain additives and naturally occurring salicylates are eliminated.  On “stage 2” the salicylates are added back in (the additives are not).  There is no reason to restrict salicylate containing foods unless they are found to be problematic, so the diet changes due to stage 1 should be considered temporary unless proven necessary.

There are many “junk food” options available

The Feingold food list (available through membership only), provides a listing containing a huge array of “junk food” options which range from candy, desserts and sugary cereals to chips and pre-packaged and frozen foods.  And, of course, there is always the option firing up the oven/stove and making your own goodies.

You do NOT have to change the way you eat

Use the food list to choose the same types of foods that you eat now.  It will be much easier on you and your family if you take this approach rather than trying to clean up how they eat in terms of nutrition at the same time.  Your family may not even notice the change (really!).

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